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Contents about you

This is a non linked page addressed to the persons involved in any way in the contents of 11bastions: if you find photos, videos or texts where you are represented, if your name is mentioned, if your works are involved or if you simply think that your person or activity is part of the contents, here are guidelines.

So, take a look at the home page and search for contents related to you.

What reaction you can have

We expect three kinds of attitudes.

  • «Remove this junk immediately!» Just ask, we’ll do it.
  • «Do what you want, I don’t mind.»
  • «Great! I want to help by providing further contents or meta–contents.»

How to contact us

If you don’t know who we are, write an email to ten.snoitsab11null@ofni.

How to contribute

If you appreciate the 11bastions project, we probably need your contribute.

First, you can report errors.

Second, you can provide and complete the main meta–informations: title, date, place and a short description. These informations are very important.
Here is also the moment where you may want to add further informations, like credits, different writing of the names, links, whatever gives the stories more value and completeness.

Third, you can provide more contents: further photos or videos or texts are welcome, for the sake of the result. Authors will me mentioned.

Should I contribute?

Yes! Yes! Yes!

We do our best to build the stories, but we can’t complete all the details without your help. And, also, we are human and we make errors that must be fixed.

So, please, help us to build a narrative.

I have more stories!

You are welcome! Contributes are more than appreciated.

Just contact us and tell your story, our email address is ten.snoitsab11null@ofni. You may want to take a look at the How to create a story page before.

Have in mind the copyright

As general rule, all the contents of 11bastions are copyleft. Have a look to Copyright to learn more.

If you don’t want this, just notify us and we’ll add a different license.

Tag cloud

Here are some of the persons and places mentioned in 11bastions. Other names can appear in the credits and other persons can appear in the photos. The tag cloud displayed here is for our convenience, but the guidelines are the same for all, including the non mentioned here.

Alexia Nicolaou Alice Evgeniou Aneesha Michael Annie Khoury Christianna Eftychiou Cyprus Dancehouse Lefkosia Demetra Demetriadou Dimitris Spyrou Egomio Cultural Centre Elena Christodoulidou Elena Gavriel Eleni Ioannou Elisavet Panagiotou Emily Cutler Eva Stavrou Georgia Constantinou Giannis Economides Hamilton Augusto Melicio Monteiro Joanna Savva Konstantina Skalionta Kyriakos Blaze Ierodiakonou Lenia Georgiou Lympia Maria Chrysostomou Maria Kasapi Maria Tofini Marina Poyiadji Marita Anastasi Mediterranean Milena Ugren Koulas Nicole Yiannaka Nicosia Polina Ioannou Samantha Moysi Stavros Petrou Unite Cyprus Vasilis Vasilakis Viky Kalla Visual Voices Zoe Eleftheriou Zoe Georgallis Ήβη Χατζηβασιλείου ΣΠΕΛ / SPEL Φωτεινή Περδικάκη