How to create a story

What is a story

A story is anything that deserves to be told, and that is told. In this website, we are speaking about real stories.

A story is created as soon as it is told. Here we want to create stories.

The purpose of 11bastions is to keep the memory, not to collect likes or advertising. Think to 11bastions as a filing cabinet, where you can store what needs to be remembered. A story can be read far away or in a far future, by our real or potential friends.

The best example for a story is an event. «That day, in that place, that fact took place».

There are not only public events, a story can be built. You can have a walk following a concept: the ancient churches, the ancient mosques, the Ottomans, the Venetians, the artisans, the sandstone, whatever. Or you can meet (or be) special people: an artisan, an artist, a DJ, whoever. Or you can describe a place: a museum, a valley, an art school. Or you can do something special.

There’s only one rule: a story must be interesting for whoever shares our same cultural and political visions and lifestyle.

How to write a story

Since we said «that day, that place, that fact», we must state a date or an interval of dates, we must state a place or a combination of places and we must state a title, often coming with a short description. When, where, what are the adverbs.


Once when, where, what are written, every language is good: you can write a long text, you can show a collection of photos, you can post a video, you can combine them or you can invent something else useful to tell a story. For a better communication, a featured photo is required.

The only constraint , for the web needs, is to write when, where, what and to have one featured photo, even symbolic.

About media files

Photos and video need a further clarification.

Photos are heavy to browse for the network, and we also don’t want to go in conflict with the copyright of the original files. For this reason, the longest side of the general photos must be 960px. Bigger sizes will be reduced.

Video are heavy and complex for the server. For this reason we only embed videos from other video platforms. Our preference goes to Vimeo, because Vimeo is not noisy with cookies and other social media furies. Conversely, we don’t accept Facebook, exactly because Facebook is very noisy. Other platforms well be evaluated.

A template

  • When: just provide a date or an interval of dates.
  • Where: just provide a place or a system of places.
  • What: write a title and possibly an abstract, like in social media events.
  • A featured photo: pick up a representative photo, the longer side should be at least 960px.

Then at least one of the following.

  • A collection of photos: starting from four of five, until twenty or more; the longest side of the photos must be at least 960px.
  • A video or more than one: for website needs, the video should be hosted in an external platform, like Vimeo.
  • A full text: write as much as you want, if the writing is your preferred language; please, try to write in English.


The stories will be signed with your name or nickname, if you want. Other contributors or involved persons will be mentioned as well, if they want.

The authors of photos, videos and texts, if different form the authors of the story, will be also mentioned.

Submit a story

Just write an email to ten.snoitsab11null@ofni.


We don’t want any restriction, so everything will be under the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) license, as general rule. This means that everybody will be allowed to use the published content for NON COMMERCIAL needs, that they MUST mention the author and that they MUST provide exactly the same sharing license.

Media quality, anyway, is limited (960px for photos, for example). Professionals must consider this.